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Band Interviews

Band Interviews

A Sound of Thunder Interview

The first thing I learned about A Sound of Thunder upon finding them online was, “damn, this is band is awesome!” The second thing I learned was how interactive they are with their fanbase; so when I sent a message asking for an interview, I got an enthusiastic “yes” almost instantly. Shooting the breeze with Nina Osegueda (vocals) and Jesse Keen (bass), I learned a lot about their new EP (“Queen of Hell”), their upcoming album (Time’s Arrow), how four metalheads who loved the sounds of Iron Maiden and Dio met through Craig’s List to form a band, and everything else in-between.

A Sound of Thunder

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MindMaze Interview

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: April 04 2013
  • By Robin Stryker
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by Robin Stryker February 12, 2013 (via Skype)

After months of showing mad love to Canadian bands, it seems apt to kick off Spring by bringing the love a little closer to home. Hailing from Pennsylvania (in the northeastern US), MindMaze recently released their debut album, Mask of Lies. And it’s a corker!

Sonic Cathedral’s Robin Stryker sat down with Sarah and Jeff Teets, the brother-sister duo behind MindMaze, for a long chat. Dive in to get the behind-the-scenes story on Mask of Lies, their biggest fan-girl/fan-boy moments, working with Tim Grose (Lord), and much more. Enjoy!


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Dark Sarah Interview

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: April 05 2013
  • By Émilie Garcin
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Interview Dark Sarah (Heidi Parviainen)
March 2013

A few weeks after she left Amberian Dawn, Heidi Parviainen revealed her new project called Dark Sarah. Some days ago, her first video clip for “Save Me” was unveiled, and more songs are coming, featuring talented singers such as Manuela Kraller (Xandria) and Inga Scharf (Van Canto). Saying that her project is literally her dream coming true, Heidi tells us more about Dark Sarah and her main inspirations.

Dark Sarah

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Delain Interview 2013

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: March 24 2013
  • By John Thornburgh
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Interview with Charlotte Wessels of Delain
By John Thornburgh for Sonic Cathedral
March 9, 2013 in Lelystad, The Netherlands
Some Photos courtesy: Sandra Ludewig

Introduction: I was lucky to have the chance to sit with Delain vocalist Charlotte Wessels for Sonic Cathedral’s first interview with Delain since the band revealed the delay of We Are the Others a little over a year ago. How times change. Read below for revelations about what really happened with Warner, and for details about all the good news since then: Delain signing with Napalm, the upcoming Interlude album, and the coming tours of Japan, South America, and North America. Plus, check out a few new Delain photos courtesy of the band…

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