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Band Interviews

Band Interviews

Emilie Autumn Interview

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: March 18 2013
  • By Justin Boyer
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Theatre of the Living Arts; Philadelphia, PA 2:30 pm

February 23, 2013
Interview in person / Justin Boyer

Emilie Autumn is one of the more unorthodox musicians out there; more importantly, she is one of the few that versatilely handles so many diverse role for the creation of her music. On each of her albums, she assumes the role of producer, writer, etc. Of course, she has help from many other equally talented individuals, such as Veronica Varlow and Captain Maggot; they both eccentrically add a lot of charm and pomp to Emilie Autumn’s rich live performances. While she may not cozily fit within the female fronted metal genre, the aggression and passion of her music, along with the powerful female individuality present within her music really suits what Sonic Cathedral is all about!

Emilie Autumn

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LEAH Interview

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: February 18 2013
  • By Robin Stryker
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LEAH Interview
Performed in February 2013

If there were a “Ha-Ha Told You So” prize for missing out on one of the most compelling releases of 2012, a shiny trophy would be sitting on my mantel right now. Despite Lindsay’s stellar review and T.S. Johnson nudging me, it wasn’t until Sonic Cathedral’s Best of 2012 lists came out, that I scampered off to check out LEAH’s debut album, Of Earth & Angels. An album that makes the Top 10 list of several colleagues deserves a careful listen, and man was it worth it … plenty of lush piano passages and Celtic influences, blended with a metal twist. Delicious!

Sonic Cathedral’s (very sheepish) Robin Stryker sat down with Canadian singer-songwriter, LEAH for a long winter’s Skype. Dive in to find out the stories behind Of Earth & Angels, the embarrassing secret lurking on LEAH’s iPod, déjà vu moments, and much more!


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Schoolcraft Interview

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: February 20 2013
  • By Robin Stryker
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Schoolcraft Interview
January 21, 2013 (via Skype)

Winter is when my taste takes a decided turn towards music with a melancholy flavor, but still with enough warmth and hope to prevent me from diving head-first into the nearest snow bank … music that is like wrapping yourself in a thick blanket, while watching the snow fall on a hushed world. Canadian singer-songwriter, Schoolcraft, treads that fine line between hope and despair with her debut EP, Rushing Through The Sky. Mmmmmmm, just what the season calls for!


Sonic Cathedral’s Robin Stryker sat down for a long chat with Schoolcraft to talk about Rushing Through The Sky, totem animals, her frantic preparations to nail the keyboards and vocals for the upcoming Cradle of Filth tour, and much more! Dive in to get the whole story on Schoolcraft.

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Anneke van Giersbergen Interview 2013

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: February 16 2013
  • By Frozen Angel
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Interview performed in person / Greece 2013


*Anneke* confirmed for MFVF XI in October 2013 

It’s not a secret anymore: Anneke van Giersbergen is in the studio now! Anneke has released three studio albums and one live album since leaving The Gathering. That’s not bad at all for a solo artist. But, there was more to come: guest appearances with Within Temptation, Ayreon, Moonspell, Anathema, and Devin Townsend. She even collaborated with bands such as Napalm Death and November’s Doom. Also, she wrote and performed a children’s play and participated in a ceremony for the Dalai Lama. Recently she was nominated for two Edison Music Awards (Best Album, and Best Female Artist) in Holland. Next, she is going to tour in the United States for the first time as a solo artist, and she will be the main support act in Pain of Salvation’s upcoming European acoustic tour. Anneke seems to be a restless spirit – and it seems she really enjoys that!  

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