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Seven Kingdoms & Amaranthe (with Stratovarius)

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  • Published: April 26 2013
  • By Angela Infernale
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Seven Kingdoms & Amaranthe (with Stratovarius)
Ludwigsburg, Germany – April 11th, 2013

After being introduced to Seven Kingdom's music through my friends at Eve's Apple at last year's Metal Female Voices Fest, I was pretty psyched to hear they were going to tour Europe with Amaranthe and Stratovarius. I definitely didn't want to miss out on the chance of seeing them live, and the prospect of seeing Amaranthe too – another first for me – was the cherry on top. Due to bad train connections I knew I wouldn't be able to catch Stratovarius, which left a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

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Cirque Nocturna: An Evening on the Vancouver Scene

The Columbia Theatre, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
April 12, 2013

Adam Todd is annoyed. As he lets me into New Westminster’s historic and refurbished Columbia Theatre last Friday night, he bristles with frustration. “The house sound guy was two hours late,” he explains. I murmur something sympathetic and follow him into the main part of the theatre to observe the load-in and pre-show sound checks. The seating is not typically theatre-style, I notice, but rather set up like a cabaret show. I’m grateful for a table to set myself up at, notebook open and pen poised, camera at the ready.

Cirque Nocturna

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Serenity + Visions of Atlantis + Souldrinker + Evenpath

Serenity + Visions of Atlantis + Souldrinker + Evenpath
Lyon France (29/03/2013) Live report

Last time I saw Serenity was in October 2011, at the Out of the Dark Tour. They were already playing with Clémentine who was not a permanent member yet at that moment. I was very impressed by their shows and by their new album War of Ages, and couldn't wait to see them again playing in my own town with the other bands touring with them: Visions of Atlantis and Souldrinker, with Evenpath as the local band in Lyon. And here we are!


Sarah Liodenot (Evenpath), Maxi Nil (Visions of Atlantis), Clémentine Delauney (Serenity), Iris Boanta (Souldrinker)

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Metal Night Popcentrale

Metal Night Dordrecht
April 6, 2013

The Metal Night is an initiative of Popcentrale Dordrecht. This was my first visit to this venue. And at the same time it was my last because they are moving to a new location. It's a small cozy venue where you really can get close to the band. The entrance fee couldn't be the reason why there was space for more people. It was a shame because the line-up with MindShade (NL), Ex Libris (NL) and Whyzdom (FR) deserved better.

Metal Night Popcentrale

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