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Band Interviews

Band Interviews

Nightwish Interview 2008

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  • Published: June 25 2008
  • By Jason Levine
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 Nightwish Interview May 2008 / New York City

Jason Levine sits down with Tuomas Holopainen & Anette Olzon

Jason:  This is your second time coming to the United States with the new lineup. Today is the first day of the new tour. How did you enjoy the first trip?

Tuomas:  The first one was really good. It was more like a rehearsal tour to be honest. We started off out here for a reason. So that we could kind of like introduce her (Anette) to the mysterious life of rock and roll. Because nobody really knows us here in the US. Hopeful yet. So it was kind of like an easy landing for the band. Especially for her to start it out here. Now when we came back, of course we have a little bit more expectations and like you said earlier we made a little bit of an evolution from that last tour. It was. It felt at least for me really fresh. Really good tonight.

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