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Band Interviews

Band Interviews

theName Interview

  • Category: Band Interviews
  • Published: May 30 2008
  • By Toine van Poorten
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Toine van Poorten (Metal Maidens) talks with members of theName
Photos By: Edwin van der Ende
May 2008 

theNAME: What’s In A Name?

When we talk about theNAME, we are not talking about gothic metal band number so much. theNAME is different. Let me rephrase that. theNAME is something special. They mix elements of pop with rock and metal. Their music is groovy and their star is rising faster than every other band in this scene. Hadassa Kosten is the metal maiden in the band and no one but her deserves that title. She even wrote an essay about front ladies in the heavy metal scene. All the more reason to interview theNAME, who are a very talented band from Holland, that obviously have a great story to tell. Read on and hear all the ins and outs of this band with an easy "NAME" to remember…

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