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Visions of Atlantis - Eternal Endless Infinity

Visions of Atlantis -  CD Review
Eternal Endless Infinity
CD Info
Irond - Russian Label
10 tracks - 44:21
Austria - English lyrics

It is only natural, that such great bands as "Nightwish", "Oratory", and "Dark Moor" would spawn clones such as newcomer, "Visions of Atlantis". Hailing from Austria and distributed by Russian label Irond, I have come upon, just such a band. I only refer to them as clone, because this is their debut album and most bands, first releases have to be considered just that. A clone of someone else's style, influence and such. This particular band, has some very talented musicians, but have not found or perfected their own style, as of yet. I do believe, though, that "Visions of Atlantis", has a very long and bright future ahead of them. If they stay on the path of their debut, "Eternal Endless Infinity", they may just replace, number one, "Nightwish", in the category of great Symphonic Power Metal bands, someday.

On lead female vocals, we find new artist Nicole Bogner. Very much in the style of Tarja Turunen of "Nightwish", but lets not get carried away. At this point, Nicole, is no Tarja. She has got a nice operatic style, but her voice has nowhere's near the emotion or intensity that we have come to know from Tarja. I do believe wholeheartedly, with time, she will be just as good, if not better. Only if she can unleash her emotions. On most of the ten tracks found on the album, she does duet with Christian Stani, lead male vocalist. He too has an operatic style about him, and their duets are very coordinated, but I feel Nicole is a talent that should be more alone and upfront in the delivery. This reminds me allot of the Portuguese band, "Oratory". It is very similar to their first album, "Illusions Dimensions", where Ana Lara was background vocalist to Marco Alves. That didn't last, Marco left the band and Ana became lead vocalist and anyone who has heard their latest album, "Beyond Earth", knows how that worked.

The music is in the style of all of the aforementioned bands. Symphonic Power Metal with a touch of speed, here and there. The keys are very much upfront in the mix. Also there are some very good guitar riffs, but nothing groundbreaking or over the top. The keyboards really rule their sound. Aside from Nicole and Christian on vocals the rest of the band goes like this: Werner Fiedler-Guitars, Kris Kampex-Synthesizer, Mike Koren-Bass and Thomas Caser-Drums. I may also mention that, the CD insert and booklet is very artistic and designed by their drummer, Caser. And, also smacks very much of "Nightwish" influence. The cover reminds allot of "Oceanborn". Anyway, you get the idea, and, if you are a big fan of Symphonic Power Metal, you’re going to go ga ga over this band. If you’re looking for some kind of rating, and I don't rate debuts very high unless their groundbreaking and different from the norm. Then I can tell you that this album musically and talent wise, is a 6, on a scale of 10. Let's see how they mature for a second release, before I go giving them any higher than that.