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Tura Satana - Relief Through Release

Tura Satana -  CD Review
Relief Through Release
CD Info
Modern Music Records
14 tracks - 57:34
English lyrics

Tairrie B., labeled by the press as, "the blasphemous girl", finds her first real band, "Tura Satana". "Relief Through Release" is the bands second release with Tairrie as lead vixen on vocals. They used to be known as Manhole, but changed their name because of some legal ranglings that I prefer not to get into, for this review. Lets try and concentrate more on the "blasphemous" Ms. T. This album is my first introduction to the band known as "Tura Satana". I am more familiar with Tairrie's other band, "My Ruin". Generally, I am a fan of Rapcore, only if there is a female singing it. So Tairrie fits the bill for my tastes, quite convincingly. Her history and lyric's tell me, that she's had a hectic life, to this point, for these are very violent and hateful songs, and Tairrie sings in a way that the words can be understood. Whether this is a good thing, you will have to decide for yourself, as I try to point out in all my reviews. I describe, you decide. Lyrics don't really catch me anyway, it's the music that I dig, and the voice that's leading it. Her vocal style is melodic raping, always answered by "female", growly screams, similar to what "Kittie" might do, with less pop.

The music is heavy Rap Metal, with elements of Thrash, similar in style to bands such as "Crisis", "Kittie" or newcomer "Otep". Sometimes I get the feeling I'm listening to Karen Crisis on some of the tracks, but do not know who may have influenced who, in that respect. Tairrie has one of the more serious voices in this style. On this release, she is more subdued vocally, to that of her "My Ruin" releases, which are allot more violent, in my opinion. There is less screaming and more emphasis on making a point. The album begins with, spoken male vox, "ladies and gentlemen, welcome to violence. This time it comes in female form". And then the raging metal begins. I don't normally see females as violent, but there seems to be a new wave of this stuff going around these days. Anneke, this is not. From here on is non-stop metal mayhem with track names and lyric's that indicate that Tairrie, herself, is in some sort of crisis. Standout tracks are the opener "Luna" "Venus Diablo" "Unclean" "Eternalux" and "Negative Creep".

If you are a fan of this type of music, then you'll find this band very satisfying to listen to. I am into it, cause I listen quite regularly, and enjoy hearing woman fly off the handle. Just not in my house, in person, mind you. I have albums by "Kittie", "Crisis", "My Ruin", and "Otep". I like to hear females bellowing out screams at times, as opposed to operatic soprano or just plain old melodic singing, all the time. This only solidifies the fact, that woman can do just about everything in metal and just do not stick to one formula. And these bands I have mentioned are forerunners in this genre and all do it with conviction. The ladies in these bands all know how to air out their lungs.

There is not much to find at the web-site, for as far as I can tell, the band split up in 1998. You would do better searching Tairrie B., for what you might be looking for as far as the band history. Anyway, outside of Tairrie on vocals the rest of the band is male. Rico Villasenor-Bass, Scott Ueda-Guitar, and Marcelo Palomino-Drums. Marcelo and Tairrie moved on, after the break-up of TS, to form "My Ruin", although Marcelo has left that band also, in 2001. Anyway, "Relief Through Release", is only for fans that are into this genre. If you are a fan of say, "Karnataka", and only like your femme vox with allot of melody, then by all means, stay away. People who have an open ear to all things "different", in their vocal style, it’s your move.