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Moon of Steel - Insignificant Details

Moon of Steel
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Insignificant Details
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11 Tracks
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Insignificant Details is, without a doubt, one of the most absorbing and intense albums I have heard for a long time. It is absorbing because of its intensity, and it is intense in atmosphere and brilliance.

All the elements here are perfect. The astonishingly good vocals are provided by Sarah Bonetti, and my God, can she sing - she has a beautifully strong and distinct voice, which is very confident and perfectly fits the music. The song writing itself is excellent too: I am, Grey and Forced [Your Way] are particularly good, but they're nothing compared to Insignificant Details Pts 1, 2 and 3. These are very impressive songs which have to be heard to be believed - Pt 3, for instance, is only two minutes long, but thoroughly soft and beautiful, almost jazzy in fact. Even with just a voice and a bass MOS can create a perfect atmosphere. It's quality stuff, and this is another thing: MOS do slow and soft and intense and heavy with equal fervor and accomplishment.

Insignificant Details is such a relief for me - a relief from a lot of the boring, monotonous tripe that gets churned out of the metal world. Sometimes you come across these bands that deserve so much more acclaim than they get. Apparently Sarah's voice doesn't have the same appeal of Cristina's from Lacuna Coil, which is one of the reasons for this band not being bigger than they are, but I think Sarah is streets ahead of her anyway because she can actually sing. You can disagree with that all you like - I don't care.

There is one other thing I should say - another reason for MOS not being more successful is that the songs are not as accessible as they could be. Or so I've read, I don't really agree because I loved this on first listening to it. With Insignificant Details MOS have produced serious, refined metal. You can tell work has gone into this album. The songs have taken their time to marinate through conception to final production, and the result is superb.

Try as I might, I really have nothing negative to say about this band: I'd love to give a balanced view, but it's damn near impossible. I'm just too biased. Sometimes you'll get an album, which is worth every penny you spend on it, and when you come across one, you can't knock it. So I won't. Buy it.