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Moon of Steel - Beyond the Edges

Moon of Steel
-  CD Review
Beyond the Edges
CD Info
4 Tracks
English lyrics

I have scoured the Internet trying to find as much information on this band as possible, and have come up with very little. In fact, I only found one other review of this. And that one was crap. Moon Of Steel released their first album back in 1989, and if you look at their website [which, to be fair, sucks] they're apparently one of the most established and influential bands in the prog-metal scene. 'Apparently' being the operative word.

So, having disappeared for a few years, MOS return with this four-track offering, and what's weird about it is that though it's only four tracks, it doesn't leave you feeling unfulfilled. Moon Of Steel play an advanced, almost sophisticated kind of metal which puts other bands to shame: heavy, crushing guitars, Sarah Bonetti's wonderfully strong vocals and the band's perfectly confident instrumentation. Yes, they have talent. Think of all the bands that have released albums with 12 or so shite tracks, and then MOS release a four-song EP, which knocks the socks off all of those. It takes the piss, really, but so it should. MOS deserve to laugh in the faces of more marketed and highly publicized metal bands because they are so good.

The EP starts off with Did You Hear That Voice? Starting nice and slow, deceptively soft, then slowly pounding the listener with all the force it can muster, though still diluted by Sarah's gorgeous vocals. Same too for the next song, We're Nothing, and here MOS show they can really do beautiful soft and slow passages, mixed in with the heavier stuff. After this there is a cover of Dream Theater's You Not Me, and the beautiful acoustic Tonight.

Do not be deceived; Beyond The Edges is formidable for what it is. Even on this EP, MOS have shown they are a truly great band, brimming with innovation and talent. Take the time with this and it will reward you in spades.