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Fallen Arise - Ethereal

Fallen Arise - CD Review

Fallen Arise

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Noisehead Records
10 Tracks
English Lyrics


Ethereal opens with a symphonic choir fanfare worthy of a powerful metal opera... on “Burned Ivy”. The track features new female lead vocalist Spyla in an early solid performance that will lasso your ears and welcome you to the new sound. Spyla’s vocals are deeper and remind me of fellow Greek metal singer Maxi Nil. However, Spyla’s voice carries more of an accent which helps to further differentiate her. “Burned Ivy” is one of the best songs on the album.

“Eternity” picks up immediately with a similar power and melody keeping the strength flowing.

The album’s title track “Ethereal” follows the beautiful piano ending on “Eternity” with its own unique and wonderful keyboard instrumental assault at the opening. However this track opens with male session vocalist Jon Soti before Spyla joins in. (New male vocalist Christos Kontoulis joined Fallen Arise after the album was recorded.) The heavy guitars, bass, and stomping drums help build a powerful sound scape.

More excellent keyboard incantations open “Under the Bliss of the Sun”, as Gus the keyboardist weaves his magic. Then, Frangiskos on lead guitar and Aggelos Mal on bass are added to the mix strengthening the power of the magic being performed.

“Furor” opens with orchestrations, strings, keys and dark sounds that are both foreboding and cinematic. Unfortunately, the magic only lasts a little over a minute.

“Nighttouched” is another stand-out track full of symphonic orchestration and power keyboard, drums and guitars. The mix of Soti's and Spyla’s most powerful vocals on the album are electric, and ignite the sound scape.

“My Fall” features narration and magical piano keynotes at its opening. “Eternal Sins” has a fantastic opening with synth and keyboards followed by powerful drums and guitars.

“Fly to Horizon” opens the windows of hope with a strong piano beginning and Soti providing his best vocals. Spyla joins in to present her strong vocal presence on this, the longest track on the album at over seven and a half minutes. Her soft voice closes the album.

Ethereal was my introduction to Fallen Arise. But it definitely will not be the last album I get from them. I am a fan. This band rocks! They provide the symphonic and orchestrated sound scape I crave as a listener of symphonic metal. Get this!

Rating: 8 / 10