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Angelica - Thrive

Angelica - CD Review

Angelica - Thrive

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Frontier Records
12 Tracks
English Lyrics


Swedish singer Angelica Rylin leads the powerful cast of players on this excellent debut album for her Angelica project. Thrive does just that with powerful chords and ballads reminiscent of 1980s Heart. The opening song “Breaking My Heart” creates a masterful opening to this album full of AOR oriented hits that will have you singing along with Angela. “I Am Strong” carries on the power and euphoric feeling from the opener well.

The band has three strong guitarists as members and you they display their power from the album’s opening. Jason Stromblad, Magnuss Karlsson, and Per Berquist provide the jamming and rocking that keeps the classic rock similarities up front. Matt Guillory, on keyboards, provides the soft touch and surrounding effects. Daniel Flores provides powerful rhythm on the drums.

“Can’t Stop Love’ slows things down in a Heart epic ballad way and provides an amazing showcase for Angelica to provide over the top emotion and vocal power. It is my favorite song on the album and a definite highlight. The guitar work on these slower ballads is even more precise and that is another musical highlight.

“Riding Out the Storm” is another solid love oriented ballad that provides Angelica another opportunity to highlight her solid vocal talents. “Losers in Paradise” is another solid hit full of great keyboards and Angelica’s beautiful voice. “You Will Never Win” is another power track for Angelica providing an anthem of strength and control that all women can appreciate.

“I’m Not Waiting” is another strong declaration of Angelica’s independence. Many of these tracks also remind me of Manda Ophius and her band Nemasea, which is definitely not a bad thing at all.

This is an excellent introduction to Angelica Rylin’s new project. Dive in and listen to something that may bring back memories of the hits of the ‘80s, while at the same time serves as the launch of a new talent steeped in the melodies and sounds of the success of the past.

Rating: 8 / 10