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Misthaven - Bleed

Misthaven – CD Review

Misthaven – Bleed

CD Info
From the Depths Entertainment
4 Tracks
English Lyrics

Misthaven is releasing its follow up EP, Bleed, to their debut demo CD, Born Among the Ashes, on September 31, 2016. The band hails from Campobasso, Italy and is made up of: Francesca, on vocals; Alessandro, on bass; Tito, on guitar; Eleonora, on keyboards; and Antonio, on drums. Born Among the Ashes, was self – produced and it came out on March 4th 2015.

Misthaven started early in 2014 when Eleonora and Tito began to start writing music together. Francesca joined the band after a phone call from Eleonora. Francesca and Eleonora have been performing at local events covering Evanescence's songs. Alessandro and Antonio joined the band in 2016.

Their music sounds very similar to Evanescence. Beautiful female vocals sung by Francesca, surrounded by powerful piano from Eleonora. The acoustic sound of this music is so much more powerful than the hyped up heavy metal guitar and power drums often found in the female metal genre. The lyrics and themes are similar to Evanescence’s music. Sad, but powerful songs of loneliness, abandonment, love and devotion.

Every song on the EP is worth your immersion. I for one would recommend this album; and I also look forward to hearing and possibly reviewing their first full album of music in the future.

Far Away - Heart
Vampire Knight
A Plea for Forgiveness
Yesterday (Acoustic Version)