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Lacuna Coil Interview 2002

Lacuna Coil Interview 2002
By: John Wolff
With: Cristina Scabbia - of Lacuna Coil

Interview Info
By: John Wolff
With: Cristina Scabbia - Lead singer of Lacuna Coil

John:  Where did the name Lacuna Coil originate?

Cristina:  It's a mixture between a Latin word (Lacuna) that means a lack of something, for example of memory, and an English one (coil) that means spiral. Lacuna coil has not a "real" meaning, that's why we choose it. It means something like "Empty spiral".

John:  What are the band's plans for rest of 2002 ?

Cristina:  We are mixing the new album these days (that will be out in September,  probably).  Then we are planning the tours but they'´ll be around October, including Europe, America, Canada, Mexico. But everything still needs to be arranged.

John:  Tell us a little about any new material you may have in the works?

Cristina:  I can't name the title of the album yet, but I can tell you we are proud as we have never been before! The sound is great and the songs are brilliant!  The album will contain 12 or 13 songs, in perfect Lacuna coil style, but more heavy.

John:  On your tour of USA with Moonspell, what were the highs and lows of the trip and what do you what to see different on next USA tour?

Cristina:  To be known in the US you need to go there many times, so we were happily surprised that we had such a good response from the different audiences.  High points: we had fun with Moonspell (we already toured together with them before) and we visited new countries. We met a lot of great people and the tour has been successful. Low points: the lack of showers in the venues and the four changes of tour bus.

John:  What influences you, both in your song writing and personally from the lyrics standpoint?

Cristina:  Real life. We never write about fantasy stuff or something that you cannot find in reality. I like that people can relate themselves with our lyrics, even if we don't write for them but basically for ourselves.

John:  What do you like to do to relax in your spare time?

Cristina:  I love to sleep and cook, but I also love to waste time in front of a Playstation or watching a movie. It depends. The best choice is to go out with friends.

John:  Do you refrain from doing anything in order to keep your voice in tune?

Cristina:  I don't smoke, so its not a big deal, even if three in the band smoke, and I can't avoid it. Usually I drink just natural water or juices when I'm on tour. And I have to sleep enough. When you're tired the voice doesn't come out of your mouth.

John:  Where do you see the female vocal metal/hard rock scene going in Italy and Europe as well as the USA?

Cristina:  I don't really know the American scene as well as the European one, but I think, that the all scenes are growing. I see many new bands with girls now, compared to the past, and that is absolutely good, even if, in my opinion, sometimes the bands use a girl just for the image and nothing else. Anyway I'd like to say that I'm always disappointed every time it seems that a band with a girl in it is weird and different. Men and women have equal chances to sing.

John:  What event or milestone would you want to reach in 2002 to consider the year a success?

Cristina:  I think that we are fine now already!  The album is done, and it couldn't be better than it is! We don't have special goals, in 5 years we already did so many tours and we played in a lot of main festivals. Dunno what to ask more, I'm satisfied right now.

John:  What do you like and dislike about touring and being in a band with 5 other guys and you being the only girl?

Cristina:  Nobody asked me if it is a problem for THEM ;-)!  Its not easy for them too, as I'm a very lunatic person! Seriously, we are like a family and we don't have problems at all,.  We are like a sister and her brothers. Of course sometimes someone can just go crazy for one day but the day after everything is fine.

John:  What professional lessons or studies have you undertaken to attain such a quality voice?

Cristina:  None of both of them. I'm lucky, its a gift.

John:  I have heard a lot of positive feedback from fans that say they enjoy the Italian sung song "Senzafine", any chance of doing anymore songs in your native tongue?

Cristina:  Umm.....there will be something on the new album...

John:  What band and or tour went over the best in recent memory and why?

Cristina:  We loved being on tour with every band we played with, but we always keep a special good vibe when we think about our Portuguese brothers, Moonspell.

John:  I have heard many describe you and your voice as one of the best in the business (myself included).  Who would come to your mind as some of the better female metal/rock singers both past and present?

Cristina:  I'm just happy if people think I'm a good singer and not only as a good looking girl, but I think I have a lot to learn. "Be the best" is not my goal. Actually, I hate charts, its impossible to judge the better voice, in my opinion.  Its just a question of tastes (thanks anyway!)

John:  All 3 LC cds rank in my top 10 of all time, as well as being one of the reasons we are doing what we are doing today. For me it would be very hard to pick a definite favorite song.....From your perspective which is your favorite song to perform Is Falling again, still your favorite? If so, why is that song so special?

Cristina:  I love every single song, but probably "Falling again" represents me the best.  Its a mixture of sweetness and anger, that's what I like. I also love it because it has a special meaning, but its personal. Anyway there are songs on the new album that I love more.

John:  What you would be doing if you were not in a band?

Cristina:  I don't know, I hate to plan my life. Hopefully an artistic work.

John:  What was the worst job you ever had?

Cristina:  None were very bad.

John:  Where is your favorite place to play live?

Cristina:  Wacken open air and Mexico.

John:  What is your favorite private place or place to go to relax, city, place whatever?

Cristina:  My room, all Tuscany, mountains and seas..

John:  What is your favorite animal, and names of pets, if any?

Cristina:  Every animal on earth, especially cats, dogs and mice.

Sonic Cathedral sincerely appreciates the opportunity for this exclusive interview with Lacuna Coil.  Thanks again, Lacuna Coil!