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Madder Mortem - Deadlands

Madder Mortem
-  CD Review
CD Info
Century Media
10 tracks-57:15
Norway-English lyric's

It's been about a year and a half since we were astounded by their last album "All Flesh is Grass". The Norwegians known as Madder Mortem, are back with their 2002 version of Gothic death/doom style metal.

For those of you who are not familiar, and if your from another planet, MM are Agnette Kirkevaag-Lead vocals, Eirik Ulvo Langnes-Guitars, Paul Mozart Biorke-Bass, B.P. M. Kirkevaag-Guitars, voices and, Mads Solas-Drums. There are three new members, Bass, Drums and Guitar, but the band have not lost a beat.

The album begins in typical MM fashion with a continuation of the style we have come to know from the first two albums, as the first track "Enter", fades out from the track, "All Flesh is Grass". Very Clever! Like a Part II, if you will, with Agnette in the forefront with her mesmerizing style of singing. She has a voice that is unrivaled in this type of music, no other femme vox can be compared, and she is in a class by herself. And the band follows her with reckless abandon.

This bands style is like no others that I can think of. Standout being the non stop riffage of Langes. Also of special mention is the new bass player, Biorke. His deep bass goes perfect with Agnette's wailings. All the tracks on the album flow together seamlessly. If I had to pick standouts they would have to be "Necropolit" "Rust Cleansing" (my favorite) "Silverspine" and "Jigsaw"

For the future, we will never have to worry about getting a great album from this outstanding unit, they are among metals elite bands. Nothing flashy or groundbreaking. Just pure unadulterated death/doom rock with a gothic flair. For me, this is just another solid release for the band, which kind of took, a couple of listens to really appreciate. Nothing different there. All of their albums you cannot give just one listen to appreciate.

Madder Mortem make the kind of music that has to be listened to with an open ear. To me, they are very progressive in that manner. But after that, you'll find the same Madder Mortem that made you a fan in the first place. Just a note. If you are not a fan, this is not the album to start with. This is the type of band that you'll have to go back to their beginning, that being the fantastic "Mercury" album.