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Guano Apes - Walking on a Thin Line

Guano Apes
 -  CD Review
Walking on a Thin Line
CD Info
Supersonic Records
14 tracks - 51:56 + Media track 20 min video
German - English Lyric's

"Walking on a Thin Line" is the new album by the Guano Apes. It is only their third full-length album, but this band must have the best marketing agent in the history of music. Not only do they have three full lengths to their credit, but also a whole host of maxi's, DVD concert disc's and videos, and CD singles. And they all sell, big time! But try and get your hands on them. Good luck! Actually, it numbers 14 products, altogether. They have come a long way, in just a short time, with their first maxi single back in 1997 called "Open Your Eyes". They are German, and very, very popular in their home country. But, alas, they still haven't really caught on with the masses, here in the states. Time will tell. Maybe a bit more radio play might help their cause, not that they need it. They’re doing very well enough with their Euro fans.

Sandra Nasic has been the driving force in the band since it's birth. Her style is that of a rugged tomboy type with a voice to match. And, if you've ever seen her perform on stage, in a video, as I have, you'd see and hear what I mean. She is melodic when the song calls for it, and gruff too, when she needs to be. She is also, very energetic in her delivery. Sabine Edelsbacher, this is not. She puts everything she has into every tune. The music she sings to is Punk Metal with some songs bordering on Hip-Hop or Rapcore. Her compatriots have been with her from the beginning. Guitarist-Henning Rumenapp, Bassist-Stefan "Stude" Ude and Drummer Dennis Poschwatta. Unusual for a band not to change personnel even a little. But they have stood together since 1994. According to some biographies I've read on them, they have this aura about them, that every record producer would love to sign them. The new Beatles, perhaps? Now, let's not get carried away, but the similarities are there.

Anyway, as for "Walking on a Thin Line". The copy I have, comes in a corduroy bound digiskin and inside are pictures, pictures, pictures, of the band, of course. And all the words to the songs. The songs, though, haven't changed much over the years and they have stayed mostly true, to their style. There are rocking punk numbers like "You Can't Stop Me", the opener, (maybe should have been, "Us" instead of "Me") and "Electric Nights". Also balladesque tunes such as, "Kiss the Dawn" and "Pretty in Scarlet", the later of which has just been released as another maxi single. The media track is also very interesting, as it deals with interviews, concert footage, and historical stuff about the band. Probably one of the better reasons to buy this CD, for it gives more of an insight into one of Europes most popular bands. Fans of the band will not be a bit disappointed with this release.