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Desdemona - Supernova

Desdemona -  CD Review
CD Info
Metal Mind Productions
14 Tracks
English lyrics

And I thought, I had covered all of the female fronted bands from Poland. Boy, and girl, was I wrong. I won't be able to give to much of a history on this one, though, their web-site is in Polish and I do not understand a word of it, although, I am half Polish, myself. As a matter of fact, I went thru four years of Italian in High School, but don't remember a word of that language either. For shame, what I am missing. One thing I'm not missing, and thank God for that, is this great music. I dare not say, that this is the last of these fantastic Polish bands to reach the shores of America, for I’m finding, there is no end.

Again, thanks to Sonic Cathedral and Metal Mind Records for this gem. "Supernova", is Desdemona's second full length, from what I can gather at their web page. This particular production is meant to, I think, bring more of the West into their fandom, for the lyrical content is all English. Their first or debut album, "Stagnacja", which I do not own, is in their native tongue. Again, this is brilliant stuff and the first time I played this album, I was hooked. I don't know how to classify the music or who a reference may be. They sound allot like Delight, somewhat like Moonlight, or uncannily like Artrosis in places. What does not have to be classified is this new siren named Agata. Her voice is simply, beautiful to listen to. But then again, aren't all of these Polish sirens in the same category? Beautiful!

The music? It's rock, pure and simple. Very spacey rock music bordering on phsycadelic. Can't lump them into Gothic or metal, which would be too simple. There is an air of electronica that permeates these 14 tracks, but not the electronica we've been getting from Artrosis, lately. I say electronica, because they do not list a drummer anywhere, so I suppose their using a drum machine, but it's very convincing to these ears and does not sound out of place in the songs. There is also the use of synthesizers, but they do not list a key's player. Sound strange? Yes, but I am really digging this band. The music is also very up beat, even in the slower parts, which use some very dreamy atmospheres. See what I'm talking about? What I'm trying to say is, the music is very addictive and different. As listed in the liner notes: Vocal-Agata, Guitar-Noizex, Guitar-Krzysiek, and Bass-MarioF.

In closing, I would just like to say. If you like any of the other major Polish bands with female lead vocalist's, as I do (I'm a BIG fan). You will also very much enjoy this album, "Supernova". But this band has a very different sound than what we are used to with the Polish music scene. I'm still not sure if this music is Metal, at all. You'll have to judge for yourself. Highest recommendation!