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Dakrua - Shirting Realities

Dakrua -  CD Review
Shirting Realities

CD Info
Scarlet Records
11 Tracks
English lyrics

Dakrua is the kind of band that will go unnoticed by many people. They’re unfortunate enough to fall into that particular ilk of metal that gets overlooked because it just skims the surface of what is acceptably ‘popular’. Dakrua’s sound hovers in between ‘true’ Gothic Metal and BnB [Beauty and Beast, but I thought it was Bed and Breakfast too at first] - they’re neither one nor the other. The growling, for what it is, isn’t really that bestial either, in fact, it’s quite nice. Whereas Ronny Thorsen from Tristania can sometimes remind you of a hissing, spitting, deranged demon, William Quattrona just sounds like a big bear. And one you’d quite like to hug.

Still, this isn’t really so bad. Dakrua’s ‘lighter’ BnB sound may indeed be intentional, though in being such it will never occupy the same territory as the likes of Tristania, Sirenia and Sins Of Thy Beloved. Dakrua’s ‘agressiveness’ isn’t all that aggressive and their dreamy sections are just dozing rather than caught in a reverie. Nevertheless, the result is still impressive.

Now we get to the nub of the matter. Dakrua’s slippage between the zones of straight up Gothic Metal and BnB is all very well, but it does limit them in what they can get away with. By the end of the album we are familiar with their rehashing of the formula that counts as ‘their sound’. Still, Shifting Realities does have some bright sparks within it. The first track, Ephemerae, lets you know in no uncertain terms that this band are sure, confident, and most importantly, good. The same goes for Of Life And Will, a stunner of a track with some great little riffs. As you listen, the other gems will become more apparent, but hidden under the rest, namely The Waiting, Wasted Words and Dawn Over, which turns into an early Depeche Mode number round the chorus.

For what it’s worth, Darkrua have certainly found their sound on this second album. It’s just a shame that as far as metal goes, they’re almost stuck in no-man’s land. Dakrua’s music holds hands with two subgenres, but in order to be more successful, it would have to let go of one of them. Nevertheless, judging from this, the band will have a successful partnership with whomever they choose to hold onto.