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Pursuing the End - Symmetry of Scorn

Pursuing the End - CD Review
Symmetry of Scorn

Pursuing the End

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Bakerteam Records
10 Tracks
English Lyrics

Formed in 2005 in Parma, Italy, Pursuing the End, an Italian Goth/Symphonic Metal group, previously released an EP, Dawn of Expiation and a single with video titled Withering. Now, an almost completely re-vamped Pursuing the End has taken the step into mainstream metal with their newest full length CD titled Symmetry of Scorn. The CD, which has ten songs, shows the flexibility of the “new” Pursuing the End with a mixture of different sub-metal genres (Goth/Death/Symphonic) and some non-metal genres (Rock/Pop/Dance).

The revamping which brought a new female vocalist, Chiara Manese; a new bassist, Luca Coccon; an additional new guitarist, Thomas Pipitone; and a new drummer, Gregorio Ferrarese sends the group into a new sub-genre of metal. However, Pursuing the End at times wants to be in the big leagues such as Nightwish, Sirenia, etc. Still, the group seems at time reluctant to give up their original sound of symphonic metal.

Truthfully, it is difficult at times to really classify this full length CD. There is a definite Goth Metal sound in this CD. But there is also a mixture of many other genres of music including some non-metal. If a person is looking for a CD of only metal, then Symmetry of Scorn is not it. But, if one is looking for a CD and band that is exploring the wide array of music genres and displays the ability to mix them well, then this is the CD.

The first song “The Last Truth” seems to be an odd number to open a CD. Expecting a strong metal sound, I was shocked to hear something totally different that would be almost considered non-metal like pop music for dancing. But then, Pursuing the End grabs you with the growling and strong guitar riffs.

Some of the other songs: “Something Remains,” “Cage of Hypocrisy,” and “From the Ashes” bring out the constant growling, heavy guitar riffs, and heavy drumming. These songs bring out what a metal purist would expect from a metal group. Holding her own against the growls, guitars, and drums is the vocals of Chiara Manese. Her vocals seem very lyrical and a nod to the “earlier” Pursuing the End.

The Pop/Dance theme comes back once more in the song, “In Vain.” In this song, the pop theme is longer and the guitar riffs aren’t as heavy as the other songs. This song also has some interesting duet parts between Chiara and Giocomo Benamati. Lost in most songs but more prominent in this song is Stefano Bottarelli’s keyboarding technique utilizing synthesizers.

Probably the most interesting song for me was the title track “Symmetry of Scorn.” After starting with almost ten seconds of silence, we are treated to an intense time of growling. Contrasting this is an almost circus sounding keyboard and Chiara’s vocals. The group seems to be all over the place with this song with a semi-rock drum beat, reverberating vocals, and unique guitar riffs. It almost seems like the group is thumbing their nose at the need to categorize a song. This song seems to employ the most different genres of music mixed together.

I have to say that the growling get tedious at times throughout the CD. Also, the guitar riffs, while very pure metal at times, sound the same and take away from the overall album. The metal purists will be disappointed with this CD in spots because it doesn’t stay true to the genre. However, if one is interested in hearing a re-vamped group explore many genres of music and still incorporate many aspects of metal; then this would be an excellent CD to explore and add to one’s library.

8 / 10