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Oratory - Beyond Earth

Oratory -  CD Review
Beyond Earth
CD Info
Limb Music
11 Tracks
Portugal-English lyrics

All of a sudden, Portugal is becoming a hotbed of Metal. Hot on the heels of their debut album "Illusion Dimensions", Oratory smacks us in the face with "Beyond Earth". I don't mean this as a harmful smack. This is a good smack.

From the label that brought us, Rhapsody, comes a band who, maybe likened to their label mates, but are different in every way possible, starting with their outstanding lead vocalist Ana Lara. Though she was not the lead on their debut album, she has since taken over this portion of the bands line-up.

On their first album "Illusion Dimensions", Ana was simply the back-up vocalist to Marco Alves, who has since left the band. Ana does all the vocals now, with the exception of some male backing vocals here and there, which seem out of place these days. Miss Lara stands just fine on her own. She has what I like to call, a pure metal voice with so much energy, that you'll be shocked. The music she sings to, can be likened to a mix of Stratovarius meets Rhapsody, with a bit more speed mixed in. Outstanding Epic Metal Anthems.

Trust me, this band is the real deal, vocally and musically. From track to track, Ana's voice and energy never ceases to amaze my ears. I think I'm in love! Another highlight of the music are the outstanding keyboards played by Antonio Silva, who fills the background to this music, making it sound very spacious. All of the instruments are played well, they are a very tight unit, and production level is very high.

Rest of the band goes like this-Miguel Gomes,(guitar) Joao Rodriues,(drums) Rui Santos,(bass). You can get an in depth history at their website. Even the packaging is top-notch. Is a matter of fact, everything about this band is professional, right down to the art on their CD inserts. So, if you are a fan of Epic Fantasy Metal, akin to bands I have mentioned in this review, then you will certainly get into this band. 11 tracks of pure Speed Metal mayhem, with your obligatory metal ballad, here and there. With a voice that God himself would love.