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Fatal Clichè - Fatal Clichè

Fatal Clichè – CD Review
Fatal Clichè

Fatal Cliche

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Self Released
7 Tracks
English Lyrics
Bonus track Lyrics in Italian

It is interesting and perhaps perplexing when a band chooses words from another language for its name. Such is the case with the Symphonic/ Goth Metal Band Fatal Clichè. This Italian band with a French name released its first EP with the same title. According to the band, the name embodies a concept of self-identification concerning their music. The blending of Symphonic Metal, an operatic trained voice, and some folk and rock style melodies, has led to the makings of a unique and pleasant sounding EP.

Fatal Clichè was formed during 2011 in Rome, Italy. The band states that they were formed when three of the members left Symphonica to form this new band. There have been only a few minor changes to the band since then and the present line-up has remained the same since 2012. The latest change occurred when bassist Chris Migliore joined the band.

The future looks promising for this six piece band. The ingredients are there for success and the instrumentation fits the Symphonic Metal style well even though there is some Rock and Folk mixed in as well. It definitely shows that the members of the group come from various backgrounds musically and have been well trained. Along with Chris on Bass, we have the guitarists Tiziano Fatiganti and Gaetano Sala, drummer Marco Gorra, and keyboardist Ludovica Faraoni. Vocals are handled very well by Hellenoir Dearbone (Eleanor Carosso).

This EP is a compilation of many diverse songs, with no real central theme. The songs in this EP show the diversity of the band and their overall uniqueness. The style includes Symphonic Metal and also has a touch of Gothic Metal, Rock and Folk. Hellenoir (Eleanor) show her vocal prowess throughout the seven songs. She definitely displays her training, whether operatic or a soft folk-like melody. Many times throughout the songs, her voice soars above the instrumental accompaniment.

The opening track, self-titled, “Fatal Clichè” is a true Symphonic Metal song. Starting out with a short melodic riff played by the keyboard, answered by the guitar, we then have the two mixing together before the drums provide the driving beat. Hellenoir’s voice comes in with a mixture between folk and operatic. We are treated to several guitar solo interludes, along with the driving drums, and arpeggiated chords from the keyboard. This continues throughout the rest of the song with the duet between the melody and interludes.

“Dark Way” is my favorite song on the EP. This song begins with nice piano solo before it is joined by punctuating guitar and drum. Hellenoir’s vocals have a very folk style to them and there is also a vocal echo in the first verse. The keyboard plays a significant part providing the interlude between verses. What I really enjoyed with this piece is that there is a classical twist to this song. There are multiple meter and key changes within the song. Also present are a vocal chorale and semi-duet later in the song. This song provides a chance to hear the wide range of her vocal talent.

Two other songs on the CD include “Flashback” and “Lost Lands.” These two songs are a contrast in style. “Flashback opens with an interesting mostly rock drum pattern. The vocals are mixture of Rock and Operatic. Mixed in with this are strong guitar riffs and keyboard arpeggiated chords. “Lost Lands” is a Rock Ballad with Hellenoir’s voice accompanied by the piano. Mixed in are standard metal guitar riffs, an interesting guitar solo, and a vocal duet.

“Flaming Heart,” another song on the EP is a truly Symphonic Metal song even though it has some very nice piano parts both at the beginning of the song and toward the end. The vocals and instruments complement each other very nicely. The last of regular songs on the EP, “Illusion,” also incorporates the ingredients of Symphonic Metal. The soaring vocals compete with the flowing keyboard parts, the guitar riffs, and driving drum parts. Midway through we get to hear a nice bass solo by Chris. These two songs along with the self-titled song are the true Metal songs. The vocal part shows the upper ranges of Hellenoir’s voice.

The bonus track, “Alegria,” was almost chosen as my favorite of the EP. This song, used by Cirque du Soleil, is a very folk-like song that the band sings in their native language. Starting with a soft drum pattern, we have the keyboard introducing the melody. This is definitely a folk melody sung softly and very lyrical. In the middle of the song there is a hint of Rock/Metal touch to the sound, but make no mistake, this is a folk song. The guitars join in with the melody briefly in song before it ends similar to the beginning without the drums.

Overall, Fatal Clichè, is a pleasant EP for their first one. Even though there are only seven songs, they are diverse, both musically and vocally. The songs are truly unique. The instrumentalists and the vocalist show mastery of their instruments and blend together in a very nice style. My only recommendation would be for the band to have some songs where Hellenoir is not using her operatic voice as much. They certainly have the talent to do that. This is an EP that might not appeal to true Symphonic Metal Fans. However, if you are looking for an EP that is well performed, has a variety of music genres, and offers a unique touch to older songs, then I would recommend that you add this EP to your library. Also, if you would like to see information concerning the band, you can go to their Facebook page.