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Seduce the Heaven - Field of Dreams
CD Reviews
Written by T.S. Johnson   
Monday, 10 December 2012
Seduce the Heaven - CD Review
Field of Dreams
Seduce the Heaven

CD Info
Self Released / Greece
10  Tracks
English Lyrics

The city of Athens, Greece has given the world as we know it many great gifts. The people from this area of the world have influenced our society in many ways over the centuries. From our literature, to our architecture, the hand of the Greek people have touched all of our lives in some way. The 21st Century will be no exception. Greece will feed the new Metal generation with the fire and passion of Greek Metal. Leading the pack of this Greek invasion is a band called Seduce the Heaven. Seduce the Heaven started working on their debut album in 2009 and they let it lay and ferment like a fine wine for 3 years. In that period of time, love and pain and blood and tears were added until the right time came for this masterpiece of fine liquid metal was ready to pour upon the ears of the world. Finally, on January 15th, 2013 the world will be able to own this revolutionary album from Seduce the Heaven.

The album, Field of Dreams, is a Molotov cocktail of explosive Metal power with an in-your-face lyrical deliverance provided by the growl master, Marios Mizo, who recently joined the band a few month ago. He is the metal beast in this vocal duo and the lovely Elina Laviera provides the angelic beauty to the vocal recipe. The musicianship of Alex Flouros (guitars), Sinnik Al (guitars), Chris Kollias (bass), and John Thomas (drums), is cream of the crop in the new generation of metal musicians. Musically, I was greatly impressed with the use of rhythms on the album. I can honestly say that every song is unique in it's use of rhythms and like most albums that have parts that remind the listener of other bands or other parts of songs, this album does not have this anywhere on it. What a refreshingly original sound this album is. For you "label lovers" out there, Seduce the Heaven is a metal fusion of chainsaws and butterflies painted in colors never seen by the human eye.

1. Reflection
2. Walls of Oblivion
3. Leave Me Alone
4. Filed of Dreams
5. Illusive Light
6. Falling
7. Ignorance
8. Helpless Mind
9. Baseless Addiction
10. In Close Distance

There is no one element or person which stands out more than the others in Seduce the Heaven. This is the truest definition of the words "band effort". Every person is a virtuoso in their own right and are truly inspirational and will be one of the most influential bands in the years to come, maybe even defining their own new genre of metal. In every song, there exist elements of emotional roller coaster syndrome in which you think the song is reaching the intensity edge then Elina's smooth and soothing vocals bring you back from the cliff like a wing of a guardian angel. Every song is a blistering flurry of 16th and 32nd notes flung in a controlled chaotic fashion and one is left emotionally exhausted in a good way. Field of Dreams will be one of THE must have albums of 2013. It's a great way to start off the new year in Metal. I had a hard time picking 2 or 3 songs that stood out to me from the rest of the others because every song on this album was no better or worse than the others. This is the most complete, most unique album that I have heard in years. It is beyond normal description or comparison. So I will just say this, you must experience this album for yourself come January 15th. It's like nothing you have ever heard before in recent times. Metal straight from Mt. Olympus, would you except anything less than perfect?

10 / 10


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