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Written by Doctor T.   
Friday, 14 November 2008
Dakrya - CD Review

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Another Sphere Records/ Italy

10 Tracks

English & some Latin Lyrics

Dakrya CD



On this site we come for the female vocals, and there are some wonderful voices, singing in different styles with varying approaches to delivery and message. But it is the female vocals that bring us here. And, what could be better than a great band with a great female vox? Well, how about a band with duel female leads, especially with two great female leads. Dakrya is a new band from Greece with just such a signature sound. In fact, the six-person troop is actually half male and half female, with the keyboards being handled by another female musician.

You can pretty much use all the terms to describe the music reviewed here: operatic, symphonic, death metal, gothic, atmospheric. . . it has it all. But it is, of course, female fronted first and foremost. However, each of the above characteristics is included in the work, including a brutal death vocal component compliments of Dagwn (from the band Nethescerial).

Dakrya is a Greed word written with Latin characters meaning "Tears". The band’s been around in some form since, oh, I don’t know, about 2004. This, however, is their first major release. The rest of their history is a little complicated so we’ll focus on the current iteration. The key members of the band include vocalists Christina and Thomais (the former doing the leads and the later the more classical sounds), George D on guitars and some limited vocals, Alex D on base and Stayros V on drums. The sixth member is SophiaX on keyboards, and she is listed as a principle in the production and development effort. You pick up on that when you listen to the orchestral components that drive several of the numbers.

Dakrya is a combination of pretty much all that we like. The principle lead vocals are contrasted equally with the classical vocals and male vocals, both traditional and death vocal oriented. And all are superb. Background material is equally strong. Lyrics are equally interesting and tend towards the very dark. I mean, after all, this is Greek, what better tradition for a walk on the dark side. On Into the Vortex, we hear:

Define yourself!

Define your enemy!

Into the vortex of time

The past, the present, the future...

The alchemy of life,

Disguised truths and lies!

Behind the mask of boldness

You try to hide your defeat...

Fearless eyes full of pride,

Lost into the vortex of time!

The clock is ticking!

Your soul is bleeding!

There is a certain theatrical component to much of the music. And a certain rapid passage from one style to another, even within one individual title. Several songs move from a dark passage to a shredding guitar line, then move to a dark melodic sound with classical opera supporting that movement and than back to a death metal vocal passage. But there are other titles that stay within one general sound format. Wingless Souls, for instance, provide us with a pure symphonic sound with Christina’s lead vocals supported by the classical voice of Thomais. The vocalists are further supported by strings and piano, which, together, enchant us with a song of unconventional beauty.

Black Opera (Opus IX) is another seriously interesting presentation. The song includes all the elements. . . and then adds one you don’t get every day. In the final verses, the two lovely female vocalists sing together, one in Latin, one in English. The sound is like a pairing of the gods, a heavenly choir. . .with a very dark message:

Audi, vide, tace, si tu vis vivere in pace! (Hear, see, be silent, if you wish to live in peace)

Aut disce aut discede (Either learn or leave)

Sol est fons lucis illuminans omnia! (The sun is fountain of light illuminates everything)

Tempora si fuerint nubile, solus eris. (When the clouds come, you will be alone)

Pulvis et umbra sumus (We are dust and shadow)

Hora incerta, mors certa (Hour is uncertain, death is certain)

Nihil lacrima citius arescit (Nothing dries more quickly than a tear)

Acta est fibula

It should be pointed out again that the background music on this CD is superb. My understanding is that the group is pretty much lead by the keyboard lady, SophiaX, and this component is very much in evidence on most of the titles. And, the guitar work and drumming is first rate. However, this is music dominated by the vocals, especially the two female leads. The death vocals are first rate and are very much a part of most of the songs, but the topic of interest is the playoff of this component against the two beautiful female voices. It’s B & B, Beauty and the Beast, at it’s best. It’s music, and a story line straight from the Greek gods, and as good as it gets in this genre of music.

10 / 10

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