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Rock Ignition - I Can't Resist
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Written by Toine van Poorten   
Sunday, 03 February 2008
Rock Ignition - Demo CD Review
I Can't Resist

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Independent / Rock Inc.

5 Tracks

English lyrics




Okay, please sit down and have a good listen to this CD. This is a five song MCD, which has got a lot of potential. The band Rock Ignition consists of Oliver May on guitar, Jürgen Steinmetz (ex-Headstone Epitaph, ex-Silent Force) on bass, Christian Sommer on drums and frontlady Heather Shockley on vocals. And this Heather Shockley is a natural born talent. She was the frontlady of a band called 900 SEC and played in musicals such as "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "We Will Rock You". More recently, she was also well-known for her backing vocals with Kamelot. This MCD contains five songs, worthy of a bit over fifteen minutes of melodic hair metal with references to bands such as Whitesnake, Vixen, Pat Benatar, Bon Jovi and Skid Row. "I Can’t Resist" could easily be a Whitesnake song with a Bon Jovi refrain. It’s a nice uptempo song with very powerful vocals and a good guitarsolo. You know the drill. While "Heartbeat" has got a more Pat Benatar feel to it and a nice explosive guitar eruption, that lifts this catchy song up to a much higher level. This music has got plenty of balls! I really had a great time listening to these five songs, that other magazies will probably slam down as old fashioned hard rock. On the CD, we also hear some guest musicians like Marc Gerwing on drums, Guido van den Brink on guitar, and the additional guitars were performed by Dennis Hormes (ex-T.M. Stevens), Dirk Böhmer (ex-Jaded Heart) and Bas Maas (After Forever). "Caught In The Past" could refer to the music, but it doesn’t. Yeah I know, this would really sound perfect in the eighties, but that’s the reason why I like it so much. The eighties is just my thing and when I listen to "Too Tough To Take", I can only think about Lita Ford here. The way Heather sings the first phrase, my mind immediately makes a connection with the past. If today’s music is able to do that, it is performed very well, I can assure you that much. And Rock Ignition made a nice trip to the days of hair metal with these five songs. The MCD closes with "Your Truth", which is another song I can’t resist. These are the bands, that keep me going in 2008. And if you also like to relive these magical eighties, then you should definitely lend an ear to this marvellous release. Website: http://www.rockignition.com

 9 / 10

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