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  Sonic Cathedral Online SuperStore :: Recent Restock :: Silent Scream

  Silent Scream
Silent Scream  Elysion
Silent Scream
Massacre Records / Germany
11 Tracks
European Import Release
CD Format
English Lyrics
Very good overall quality Import release.
Units are not factory sealed as cases needed replacement for resale.

This is a stellar polished release which is accurately described in below review.

Hailing from Greece, Elysion is probably one of the next big things hit Gothic Rock scene, and they will surely take it by surprise since their debut album "Silent Scream" is very spectacular. Engineered by Ted Jensen (Evanescence, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Nickelback, Korn, Marilyn Manson) the album sounds amazing, showcasing every single detail of the band's music.

Don't go making any conclusions yet, you are probably thinking that this band is all production and no substance, but you are very wrong to assume this since Elysion creates very good music that has enough depth by it self to get them respect from all their peers. I have to say that the band's sound is very commercial, but I don't see any problem with this since the band has never claimed to be anything else, or changed their style drastically in this direction. And as long the music is good an enjoyable I don't see any problem with commercial Gothic Rock music (i.e. H.I.M, The 69 Eyes, etc).

Featuring the traditional 'extremely hot' female singer, Christianna has a very good voice with very wide range, hopefully she can actually sing live (hint hint: Amy Lee). And while her vocals in most songs are greatly enhanced by choir and layering arrangements in the studio, you can clearly listen than she has a strong voice all by it self, enough to sound good with all this studio magic.

The guitar work is very traditional of Gothic Rock/Metal albums and there is not much to say about it, aside from the use of a peculiar style of distortion that sound very hissy at some points, but nothing too critical. They are all well recorded and mixed, and aside from a few solos here and there it's very standard. The keyboards are very lush and bombastic and they provide the perfect balance within the music and Christianna's vocals. Featuring some electronic influences they make the band sound a bit fresh in this department. The drumming is also standard and helps keep the music together, but it does not add any extra dimension to the bands music.

In general Elysion is a very solid band and while they have all the signs and makings of a 'packaged band' they are still pretty good musicians and they music stands by it's self. I'm pretty sure that with proper marketing and enough exposure this band will make a great impact in the scene and reach very far on it. So If you are looking for what might be the next big thing look no further.

Review courtesy:
Infernal Masquerade

Price: $22.50


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