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  Sonic Cathedral Online SuperStore :: Music CDs :: Bands - S :: A World of Sirens

  A World of Sirens
A World of Sirens  Sonic Cathedral
A World of Sirens
Sonic Cathedral
32 Tracks
North American Release
2 CD Format
English Lyrics

Sonic Cathedral & partners present the much anticipated follow up to the 2005 compilation release "Sirens" entitled "A World of Sirens". This affordable 2 cd release features 32 bands from 13 different countries offering a diverse collection of AOR, Rock, Metal, Extreme Metal, Beauty n Beast Metal, Theatrical metal?... It's all here, and more than a few bands are guaranteed to catch your attention. This compilation is not about Nightwish or Lacuna Coil *See Beautiful Voices*, it is about discovering perhaps the next great band that still remains unnoticed.

"Discovering new bands & their music along with keeping the release affordable is what we wished to produce, and I think we have done quite a nice job bringing together some very diverse bands into one affordable compilation." *John Wolff / Sonic Cathedral*

Welcome to A WORLD OF SIRENS circa 2008

CD 1:

After Forever - Equally Destructive
Ebony Ark - Ecstasy
Stolen Babies - Tall Tales
Cardamon - When Space & Time Collide
Shadowside - Highlight
Bloodflowerz - The Last Dance
Brave - Hold On
Unexpect - Meet me at the Carrousel
Markize - Another Breath
Agua de Annique - Beautiful One
Sylver Myst - Devoted Yet Unable
A New Dawn - Veil of Charity
Anadies - Unseen
Dendura - Isis
Ancestral Legacy - Chosen Destiny
Pin-Up Went Down - Get Ready to Sweep

CD 2:

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie
Epica - Sancta Terra
La-Ventura - Trefoil
Witchbreed - Brotherhood of Fang & Claw
Chaoswave - Rise
Gwyllion - Trinity
Phoenix Reign - Masquerade Angel
Dead-End Track - Sun to Fall
Dylath-Leen - The Awakening
Skeptical Minds - Skeleton Key
Echoes of Eternity - Voices in a Dream
Akphaezya - The Bottle of Lie
Adastreia - The Reach
Dyonisis - Hunter
Ayin Aleph - Valpurgis Night
Dremora - Martyrs & Madmen

Price: $10.00


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